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How to create dynamic columns in crystal reports

Published by: Rinku (9/21/2008 11:30:48 AM)

SEP 21 2008

I am having a requirement where i do not know in advance how many columns will appear on my report. I want to create dynamic columns which will appear on the report depending on conditions at run time. Can someone tell me how to design reports where the number of columns are not fixed and i can increase the number of colums printed on report depending on user data at run time.


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Name: shail nautiyal

rinku bhai.....

u can not add columns to report at run time in crystal report .

crystal reporting is a "strongly typed" kinda reporting.... so you have to add columns in crystal report at design time .... although there may be some formulae by which you can display data at runtime depending upon the conditions but
i think the thing "adding columns in crystal report at runtime does not exists"......

please let me know in case you find a way to do this ...

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