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How can i use 'Can Grow' option with a number frield in crystal report

Published by: Rinku (10/17/2008 7:35:17 PM)

OCT 17 2008

I am designing a report which has many fields to be displayed. Due to this my fields are overlapping if presented on a single line. I used the " Can Grow " option in the format options and was able to grow the text boxes to multiple lines. However some reference numbers that i use on the report are too long and i want them to be displayed on multiole lines so that i can arrange all the fields in one line. Crystal reports is not showing me " Can grow " option when i right click on number field. Does anyone know how to get around this problem.


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Name: kiran

you can increase size of the page.
Right click on the blank report on details you will get the Page Size option. you can set here the Horizontal line size

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