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ECC 6 Installation error message: R3load.exe -testconnect exits with error code 2

Published by: Rinku (10/17/2008 7:02:57 PM)

OCT 17 2008

I am trying to install SAP ECC6 but i am stuck at step 18: Import ABAP.Here is the error message thrown by the central system installer.

R3load.exe -testconnect exits with error code2. see log file for details.

THe step testdatabaseconnection with step key XXXX was executed with status ERROR.

Please Help.


R3load.exe.log file : Database connection error >>



Name: HC

My enrironment is windows2003+oracle.
In windows server, go to
start ->administrative tools-> services
, check oracle related service. In my case
,I enabled Oracle("SID"102)Listener. Then it

Name: raj

My environment RHEL6.2 with IBM DB2 <br>
Import phase "R3load -testconnect rc 2"<br>
R3trans -d (0012)<br>
more log information DbSl Trace: DbSlConnect to íTSTí as ísaptstí failed<br>
(DB) ERROR: db_connect rc = 256<br>
DbSl Trace: DbSlConnect to íTSTí as ísaptstí failed

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