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Adsense Click Through Rate

Define Click Through Rate

Published by: San (10/2/2007)

OCT 2 2007

Are you in publisher business? You might be interested to know what is adsense CTR and how it makes a difference in total revenue.

What is CTR?
CTR is defined as click through rate. Suppose you have one ad block on a page and that page is viewed for 100 times which means 100 impressions, creates 10 clicks. Here the CTR for this page becomes,

(no. of clicks / no. of ad blocks * impressions) * 100

(10/1*100) * 100 = 10%

How CTR relates to the total revenue?
CTR is directly related to total revenue so increase in CTR will be an increase on revenue and vice versa. Keeping all other same if the CTR is doubled over a day then the total money is going to be double for that day.

What is the best CTR?
There is nothing called best and worst CTR. It depends with many more factors than you can think of, the simple answer to this question is research and research to improve your CTR and make more money.

How to Improve Click Through Rate?
It's a question which relates a lot to a type of site more than anything in general. Try to know your niche and never compare with other's Click Through Rate as each web site is different than other.


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