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Ubuntu Sound Problem

How Can I Fix Sound Problem on Ubuntu

Published by: San (8/28/2007)

AUG 28 2007

Ubuntu Sound Problem? How Can I Fix Sound Problem on Ubuntu?

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Name: linux23dragon

Lots of hints on the net. But if you are having an issue with Alsa then :) run this command in a terminal to see if your sound card is detected: cat /proc/asound/cards If you find that you have no sound (even if the sound card is detected, check to see if it is muted or not. Then you will want to check out the Alsa sound Matrix web page to get more information on how to correctly set up your Sound card drivers. Some times you may have PCI (irq) issues with New motherboards. You may need to use a boot option "pci=routeirq" in /boot/grub/menu.lst. This is because the new motherboards have IRQ shearing between PCI buses (that causes problems), you may be lucky by swapping the PCI sound card to another slot. This can be typical with PCI WiFi and PCI Sound cards (on the same board). And always make sure that you have the latest Motherboard BIOS. If you have an issue with HDA Sound cards then look for something like this hint (I had written) on google:-

Name: viv

shearing between PCI buses (that causes problems), you

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