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How to Use Split function for Parsing String in ASP

Published by: Guest (9/16/2008 1:12:42 PM)

SEP 16 2008

How do i use split function to parse string in asp? I have a long string which i want to split with a delimiter "|" and store the values to an array. How can i use an inbuilt function to achieve this result? If you know an asp function then please help me. Will split function work here?


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Name: admin

dim arr_abc ’declare the array
dim str_abc ’declare the string
str_abc = "a, b, c " ’ variable stores the value in comma separated.
arr_abc = split(str_abc, ", ")
for i=lbound(arr_abc) to ubound(arr_abc)
response.write arr_abc(i)

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