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Difference Between Core Duo and Core 2 Duo Processors

What are Core Duo and Core 2 Duo Processors?

Published by: San (8/15/2007)

AUG 15 2007

Do you want to know the differences between core duo and core 2 duo processors? There will be a lot of difference in the performance so don't get puzzled with the name while buying one for home or office. Here are some common differences which can give you an outlook on these processors to configure your required laptop or desktop.

    Core Duo:
  • Manufacturer Intel
  • Enhanced of Pentium M brand processors
  • 32 bit mobile dual-core processors
  • First ever 2 execution layer processor
  • Best for multitasking and multi threading
  • Saves a lot power through providing the voltage to only the needed parts of the processor.
  • Better cache and bus design
    Core 2 Duo:
  • Manufacturer Intel
  • Enhanced version of Core Duo processors
  • 64 bit mobile dual-core processors
  • Intel's voting it for the best processor ever with 40% better performance to the older version and best in power saving.
  • The best in multitasking and multi processing, never slows down while running complex applications also.
  • Best power save processor.
  • Even better cache and bus design.


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