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Buying Ubuntu Computer

Ubuntu Computer Costs

Published by: San (8/21/2007)

AUG 21 2007

Are you tired looking into Windows OS and its applications? Linux is an open source operating system and thanks to all those smart techies who put together all other desktop and server side applications to come up with an Ubuntu OS. Do you want to buy an Ubuntu machine?

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a rapidly growing operating system developed by community developers and promised to be offered free of cost. It is also encouraging to develop customized applications and pass on to make it a successful free OS ever developed.

Buying Options for Ubuntu Systems

Ububtu operating system is readily available for free in the web, if you have a good hand in linux operating system then downloading and installing the Ubuntu on your personal laptop or desktop will not be a tough task. You can download latest version of Ubuntu OS from Ubuntu website and install on a part of your hardrive or buy a new hardrive to install it. If you are installing multiple operating systems on one machine then it is always better to have separate hardrives for both. Normally Windows and Linux operating system does not go well with each other.

You can always buy a new desktop or laptop to put Ubuntu on it and get going but it seems to be less likely for me. If you are buying a new system with Windows xp operating system on it then you are unnecessary paying towards all the taxes and services which you are never going to use. Buying a desktop without any operating system is also going to cost you same.

The best option seems to be buying one computer with Ubuntu running on top of it. You will not have to install all utilities separately; all the required applications like mozila for browsing internet, real player for listing music, document and spreadsheet software like Microsoftís office will be running on it. You need not have to worry about installing the supporting drivers for peripheral devices and other applications.

There are companies like Dell and System76 selling Ubuntu based computers starting from $600 only. Customizing a desktop for this OS is vital but not tough as it needs a basic configured system to run smoothly.

Pros and Cons of Buying an Ubuntu

  • Itís for free against Windows operating systems.
  • Itís rapidly growing as the developers community is very big
  • Ubuntu is open source OS, you can build your own application.
  • Readily available to download
  • Requires less memory and regular processors
  • Less viruses, spy wares, Trojans and pop ups
  • Itís not as good as Windows XP
  • More installation issues and less support compared to Microsoft
  • Still not perfect.


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Name: dave

>Disadvantage >Itís not as good as Windows XP >More installation issues and less support >compared to Microsoft >Still not perfect. Please define:- "It's not as good as Windows". As I see it, Vista is a lot worse, so Please define a perfect Operating system. I myself found Ubuntu very easy to install. And I will be returning Vista for a money refund, thanks. :)

Name: San

This is not as good as Windows XP
I meant other products of windows like xp home and xp professional. vista is immature now, i got a system with vista on it and switched to xp home later. Even for a while dell and microsoft stopped promoting vista.

Installation issues
It's easy if you are just trying to make your desktop or laptop run but not that easy when you think beyond that. People had problem in network, touchpad, tomcat installation and lots.

If you want a smooth life go for XP home, if you are a developer then go for xp professional, if you want to know more about linux cornel or promote a community based free OS then go for Ubuntu.

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