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Ways to Iterate the Form Submit Values on Form Submit

Published by: Peter (11/6/2008 2:23:34 PM)

NOV 6 2008

I am not very experienced in Java, I just try to get it done but here is an issue which i am having tough time in resolving. I want to have a generic script which will read the form submitted parameters and iterate through all to send one email. Can any one help me?


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Name: admin

Map parameterMap = request.getParameterMap();
Set keySet = parameterMap.keySet();
Iterator i = keySet.iterator();
String key, val;

while (i.hasNext())
key = (String);
val = request.getParameter(key);
if (key.equals("Submit") == false) {
if (val.length() > 0) {
out.println( key + ": " + val + "</br>" );

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