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Overheating Problems of Dell Vostro

Dell Vostro Overheating Issues and Problems

Published by: San (8/25/2007)

AUG 25 2007

Overheating Problems of Dell Vostro. Dell Vostro Overheating Issues and Problems


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Name: Nick

I got a new Vostro mini 200 and it seems to be overheating and producing a bit of noise. I don't have lots of software running on this box but i don't know if it is a technical issue. Suggest me if i should complain it to the dell guys.

Name: Susant

I have a new Vostro 200 and it's just perfect. I have no issues on overheating or noise. It's cheap and works better than inspiron.

Name: emygamz7

my dell vostro 1500 always hooks if u leave it for some minuetes without touching any thing.
wat can i do

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