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How I will increase Google Adsense income?

Published by: Khusi (8/19/2009 10:16:41 PM)

AUG 19 2009

I am new in Adsense. I need the information how I can increase my income? Actually I am getting very low income now days and someday not getting any click also. How I will get good price for every click? Please someone guide me.


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Name: San

There are few things that you must do while trying to make money through adsense.

Add more related content to your site
- do some keyword research and create pages on them
- make it a habit to add 1 page everyday.

Have on page SEO done
- Add keywords to page title, h1 tag, have that couples of time in content, have some pictures and alt tag done, have the keywords in meta description and keyword tag.

Start Building Back Links (This is very important)
- participate in forums to have a dofollow link in signature.
- participate in blogs that talk about your niche and make sure they give a dofollow link.
- buy some quality one way links from similar niche websites.
- participate in social media websites.
- submit your site to directory sites.

Increase your CTR to improvise earning
- place your ads at right place so that your visitors can see and click them.
- optimize the colors of text and link of the ads.
- the best place to have maximum clicks is by placing a 336*280 ad block right below the h1 tag and blend the link colors to match your onpage link colors. Try to have all links in blue to make more money.

if you are done with this then google on "how to increase website traffic", read some articles to find more ways. remember you will make money only if you have more traffic. Good Luck!!!

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